The APCL Trust

Josephine Roper Chair
Margaret Clarke Vice Chair
John Palmer Treasurer
Paula Suddards Secretary
Barbara Bourne Fundraising Committee Chair
Mandy Abdulla Fundraising Lead
Wendy Cracknell
Rachael Kerr
Pat Lockett
Pat Ruston
The Trustees are all local residents


Almost 3 years on from when Anlaby Park Library was earmarked for closure, and the community rallied to take over, we are not only still here but flourishing!

Once APCL obtained charitable status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in February 2014 we were able to enter full negotiations with HCC to sign the 7 year lease for the building in August 2014.

The Trustees are volunteers and have responsibility for all aspects of running the charity and library.  We ensure financial management is sound, that we comply with all aspects of charity law and have agreed policies covering all areas of our work.

We recruit and train volunteers, fundraise and apply for funding and work in partnership with Hull City Council and others. We have overseen the recent improvements to the building, monitor library use, deal with issues and much more.

The Trustees meet every 2 or 3 weeks and minutes of meetings are available.